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APT Medical’s Elong™ Microcatheter: Enhancing Precision and Flexibility in Medical Procedures

Presenting the Elong™ series Microcatheter from APT Medical, a cutting-edge product, redefines the microcatheter standard. This microcatheter has three types of design to meet different clinical needs, straight tip 1.7F, 1.9F and tapered 2.6F. The straight MC provides optimal support and flexibility for effective medical treatments with its multi-radiopaque markers, easy transition, great crossability, and excellent guidewire support. APT Medical establishes a new benchmark for innovative microcatheters.

Exceptional Guidewire Support and Device Manipulation

The Elong™ Microcatheter, developed by APT Medical features stainless steel mesh braided structure, provides outstanding guidewire support and enables seamless device manipulation. Medical professionals can confidently navigate complex anatomies, and facilitate successful complex PCI procedures, especially for CTO.

Superior Crossability with Hydrophilic Coating and Tapered Design

The 2.6F Elong™ tapered Microcatheter boasts superior crossability thanks to its reinforced coil braided design and hydrophilic coating on the distal end. The coating ensures smooth delivery, even in tortuous anatomies, reducing the risk of complications and enhancing patient safety. The microcatheter’s slightly tapered design allows for easy crossing of complex lesions, further facilitating successful procedures.

Clear Visualization with Multi Radiopaque Markers

The Elong™ Microcatheter offers clear visualization with its multi-radiopaque markers. Available in 2 or 3 marker bands, these markers enhance visibility during procedures, allowing medical professionals to track the microcatheter’s position accurately. This feature contributes to procedural accuracy and ensures successful outcomes.


APT Medical’s Elong™ Microcatheter represents a significant advancement in microcatheter technology. This microcatheter empowers medical professionals to perform successful procedures with its exceptional guidewire support, superior crossability, smooth transition and flexibility, and multi-radiopaque markers for clear visualization. APT Medical’s commitment to innovation and excellence is evident in the Elong™ Microcatheter, solidifying its position as a leader in advancing medical technology and optimizing procedural outcomes in microcatheter applications.

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