Brittany Dixon

10 Foods Brittany Dixon Wants You To Avoid This Fall!

Brittany Dixon

10 Foods Brittany Dixon Wants You To Avoid This Fall!

Brittany Dixon -Hey, hope all is well with you! Fall is here, and as the temperature drops day by day, I find myself going out less and eating more at home. I know I’m not the only one. Don’t worry, today I have a great nutrition article to stay on track this fall. We are going to look into our diet and find ways to modify what we are eating both in and out of the home. 

Let’s count down our list of 10 foods I want you to avoid this cozy fall.

1.Conventional Apples

Everybody loves apples, and they are the perfect fall foods, like yummy apple pie! Apples ripen in the fall season, but we can see them mostly available all year long. But be aware, our conventional apples are picked prematurely, frozen all year long, and then gassed to get them to ripen immediately to sell in the fall. Buying organic apples is the better choice for better nutrition value. A good way to tell if your apples are organic, naturally ripened apples are very aromatic compared to conventional apples.

2.Conventional Potatoes

Potatoes are a fall-season vegetable for the perfect mash potato. The potato harvest starts in early September and lasts till or a bit beyond October. The issue with potatoes is that they are root vegetables. Herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides regularly blast conventional fields. Being a root vegetable, it absorbs these harmful chemicals directly from the soil. This makes washing the potatoes pointless, you can wash off the dirt on them, but water won’t clean the absorbed chemicals. So, make sure you find organic potatoes. 

3.Canned Soup

In cold weather, soup is one of the most popular foods people reach for. Soup is one of the healthiest dishes you can eat in winter, but not canned soup. Avoid buying canned soup as these are packed to last for years on the shelves. The preservatives in these canes make them very unhealthy. Also, they may contain sodium and BPA. These can cause heart disease, diabetes, and even reproductive abnormalities. Soup is a very good fall food, but best when home-cooked and with organic ingredients.

4.Snack Bars

Protein Bars and other energy bars that claim to be good for you are packed with added sugar and many other processed ingredients. These bars ultimately lead to weight gain or dietary issues. If you are grabbing a “healthy bar”, most likely are eating a candy bar. Make something at home or choose a natural, organic, and unprocessed energy bar.

5.Flavored Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the best digestive options you can have, it’s a great breakfast, lunch snack choice. But when you add flavor to the mix, that means processing, and when the product is processed, believe me, it’s not natural anymore. Flavored yogurt is loaded with sugar, and if it’s on a shelf, there are preservatives as well. So, choose to eat plain unsweetened yogurt, and toppings like berries, nuts and honey to naturally sweeten and dress it up!

6.Pumpkin Spice Latte

The pumpkin spice latte has taken social media by storm, and for obvious reasons…it tastes good! But your pumpkin paradise is full of sugar, sodium, processed fat, and more. So much added product that the latte triggers a reaction in your brain, similar to certain drugs. Drinking regular coffee eliminates all the added junk. Add a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg to give java an extra kick of fall


The chili itself is not bad, but adding chili to certain foods will cause dietary issues or inflammation. Spicy foods are great, but foods that burn your insides are not. So, use chili with white meat instead of red meat. Choose low sodium beans and go easy on the amount of chili.

8.Caramel Corn

Popcorn is a great snack. It’s healthy, tastes better, and you can eat it every season. But when you add caramel to the mix, you have added loads of sugar and processed fat. So, it’s better to stick with the plain salted kernels. Feel free to visit to know more about – whealthtips

9.Canola Oil

Canola oil is only bad if you use it in excess amounts. If you use canola oil every time you bake something, the oil will be more than what your body can handle. Too much use of canola oil can cause inflammation in your digestive tract, so try baking less or choose natural extra virgin olive oil for your bakery delights.

10.Cranberry Sauce

When coming from the shelf, Cranberry sauce has extraordinary amounts of sugar and loaded preservatives to make it last for years. Even homemade cranberry sauce can get overly sweet. So, either learn to reduce the sugar amounts or use alternative sweeteners like honey.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my list of foods to avoid during the fall. Let me know which foods you were eating before reading my list. Also, don’t forget to like and share my article with your friends and family if you have benefited from reading today’s article. This is Brittany Dixon signing off! xoxo

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