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De Corematrix HT Blocks: Unleashing the Power of Zirconia High Translucent for Dental Excellence

Zirconia high translucent has become a game-changer in the world of dental restorations, offering a remarkable combination of strength, durability, and natural aesthetics. Among the leading providers of zirconia high translucent solutions, De Corematrix stands out with its exceptional HT (High Translucent) blocks. Designed to elevate dental excellence, De Corematrix HT blocks offer impressive light transmittance of approximately 41%, along with customizable external and internal shade options, including the popular VITA 16 color.

Unveiling the Advantages of De Corematrix HT Blocks

De Corematrix HT blocks have gained immense popularity among dental professionals due to their outstanding features and benefits. Let’s delve into what sets these blocks apart:

Exceptional Light Transmittance: De Corematrix HT blocks boast an impressive light transmittance of approximately 41%. This high level of light transmission allows for the creation of dental restorations that closely mimic the natural translucency of teeth, resulting in aesthetically pleasing outcomes that seamlessly blend with the patient’s smile.

Versatile Shade Options: Understanding the importance of shade customization in dental restorations, De Corematrix offers both external and internal shade options with their HT blocks. This versatility allows dental professionals to precisely match the color and hue of the patient’s natural dentition, ensuring seamless integration and a natural-looking smile. The availability of VITA 16 color further expands the range of shades and possibilities for creating lifelike restorations.


Dental practitioners prefer De Corematrix HT blocks for zirconia high transparent solutions with superior aesthetics and performance. De Corematrix HT blocks allow dental professionals to produce restorations that match patients’ natural dentition thanks to its light transparency, variable shade options, and VITA 16 color. Zirconia high transparent and De Corematrix HT blocks improve dental restorations and patient satisfaction. If searching for wholesale durable dental zirconia blocks, click here to learn more!

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