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RedteaGO eSIM Data-Only Package in Asia: 10GB, 30 Days, USD 29.00

RedteaGO eSIM offers a convenient data-only eSIM Asia package for Asian travelers, providing 10GB of data for 30 days at a competitive price of USD 29.00. With coverage across 11 Asian areas, RedteaGO eSIM ensures reliable connectivity for users exploring the region.

Experience Seamless Connectivity with RedteaGO eSIM in Asia

Data-Only Package Details: The RedteaGO eSIM data-only eSIM Asia package for Asia offers users 10GB of data for 30 days at the price of USD 29.00. This affordable package is designed to meet the data needs of travelers exploring 11 areas across Asia, ensuring they stay connected and informed throughout their journey without worrying about excessive costs.

Terms and Usage Guidelines: Users are advised to activate their data plan within 30 days of purchase, as the plan will not be available or refundable once the order expires. Additionally, within the validity period, network services will be automatically suspended when the allocated data is fully utilized, ensuring that users have control over their usage and can manage their connectivity effectively.


RedteaGO eSIM’s data-only eSIM Asia package for Asia provides users with a cost-effective solution for staying connected while traveling through 11 Asian areas. With 10GB of data for 30 days at USD 29.00, users can enjoy seamless connectivity without the worry of running out of data or incurring additional charges. Activate your data plan promptly and make the most of your connectivity in Asia with RedteaGO eSIM, where reliable network services ensure you stay connected throughout your journey. Explore Asia with confidence and convenience, knowing that RedteaGO eSIM offers a data package tailored to meet your connectivity needs in the region.

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