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Transforming peripheral Intervention: APT Medical’s Innovative Approach

Among the leading producers and distributors of medical device in the field of peripheral intervention is APT Medical. APT Medical has established itself as a reputable brand in the field because of its unwavering dedication to modernizing treatments and enhancing patient results. Their line of superior vascular Interventional devices, which includes the Horsepole™ Snare Kit, is made to meet clinical needs and give medical professionals cutting-edge devices for the best possible patient treatment.

Advanced peripheral Interventional Solutions by APT Medical

APT Medical’s dedication to vascular health is evident in their comprehensive range of advanced solutions. The Horsepole™ Snare Kit is specifically designed for retrieving venous filters and foreign objects in the vasculature. Featuring excellent visibility and shape retention, the kit utilizes a loop made of gold-plated tungsten coil over Nitinol wires. The delivery catheter includes a distal Pt. Marker, enabling precise locating during procedures.

Addressing Clinical Challenges with Precision

Peripheral interventions often present unique challenges, requiring specialized tools and techniques. APT Medical understands these challenges and has developed innovative solutions to overcome them. The Horsepole™ Snare Kit, with its excellent visibility and shape retention, allows healthcare professionals to ease the procedure for retrieving venous filters and foreign objects in the vasculature. The pusher, featuring a PTFE over Nitinol shaft, minimizes friction and maximizes torqueability, ensuring smooth and controlled maneuvers during procedures.


With a steadfast commitment to advancing vascular Intervention, APT Medical continues to revolutionize the field through innovation and excellence. Their comprehensive range of advanced products and solutions, including the Horsepole™ Snare Kit, empowers healthcare professionals to overcome clinical challenges with precision and confidence. By partnering with APT Medical, clinicians gain access to high-quality products that enhance patient treatment and contribute to improved vascular health.

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