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Discover the Best Career Coaching Experience with OSG


One Strategy Group (OSG) is a leading boutique career consulting platform in the U.S., U.K., and China that empowers international students. Their goal is to empower international students through professional and personalized career guidance. They help Chinese students gain top financial and consulting jobs by enhancing professional, technical, and communication skills. In addition to helping students succeed, they publish the latest and most informative recruitment trends across industries.

Customized Service and Personal Attention

OSG prioritizes customization and offers a 6 to 1 mentor-student ratio, ensuring every student receives individualized attention. Their mentors, who bring expertise from top companies such as Goldman Sachs, McKinsey, and Blackstone, strictly adhere to our high-quality standards. They provide one-on-one lessons and an exclusive curriculum, focusing on improving overall abilities to increase the chances of securing offers. With OSG, students receive a tailored approach in the pan-finance sector, preparing them for success.

Mentors as Guides and Companions

OSG mentors are not just lecturers but friends who accompany students throughout the recruiting process. They offer whole-process guidance and support, leaving every student with an offer. Regular information-sharing meetings and constant monitoring of every student’s recruiting status ensure comprehensive support. Furthermore, all Research Assistants (RAs) are OSG “graduates,” assisting students and mentors in improving lesson quality. This dynamic mentorship approach fosters an environment where students feel valued, supported, and confident in their career pursuits.


OSG’s best career coaching improves your career. International students transform their careers with OSG’s top career coaching. Students can get offers independently with their targeted approach, industry insight, and skill development. They foster success by embedding values, setting unrestricted goals, and developing abilities. Choose OSG as your trusted partner and start a fulfilling career. Mentorship that goes beyond teaching and becomes lifelong guidance is different. Let OSG help you succeed.

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