Dragonhide armor 5e

Dragonhide Armor 5e

Dragonhide – Armor smiths can use the hides from dragons to create armor and shields of superior quality. A single dragon can produce enough leather to make a single suit masterwork hide armor for one category of the creature more diminutive than the dragon. An armor smith can make one suit masterwork banded mail to fit a creature that is two sizes smaller. One suit of masterwork half-plate for a creature that is three sizes smaller. One suit of masterwork breastplate for a beast that is four sizes smaller. As long as the dragon is large enough, there is enough hide to make a small or large masterwork shield.

Druids are allowed to wear dragonhide armor as it isn’t made from metal.

What is the cost of Dragon hide armor in dnd 5e?

The 12 ages of the MM Dragons are broken down into 12 different types. Each generation has a +to natural AC that is inherent in the armor. That is not automatic. To determine if the armor has masterwork, the crafter must also roll. 20 on a sider works well for me. The maximum armor bonus for wyrmlings would be +1, in addition to the type of armor; leather is AC2, and the full plate is AC 8. That is without any enhancements. However, pricing and rarity would treat armor as if they were enhanced.
A set of wyrmling Dragonhide LEATHER armor (comprised of 16 wyrmlings) would cost AC 3. A full plate from wyrmling Dragonhide would cost AC 9. AC 20 would be the price for an UNENHANCED plate made from hides of great wyrms. Only 1 set of medium-sized, full plate armor is possible with the “suitable” dragon hide, no pun intended.

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