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Elevate Illumination Experience with Ledia Lighting’s LED Light with PIR Sensor

Ledia Lighting is excited to introduce its innovative magnetic rechargeable under cabinet lightingLED light with PIR sensor, revolutionizing the way we experience lighting. As esteemed distributors and agents, we invite you to explore the remarkable features of this cutting-edge product, bringing convenience, style, and superior lighting to your you .

Contactless Convenience

The LED Light with PIR Sensor is designed to provide a hassle-free lighting experience. With its integrated motion sensor, it offers a hands-free operation, automatically turning on/off based on detected movement. Bid farewell to traditional switches as this contactless feature adds convenience and modernity to any space.

Soft Edge-lit Illumination

Featuring an edge-lit design, this LED light employs a PMMA LGP (light guide panel) that produces a soft and glare-free illumination. Say goodbye to harsh lighting and welcome a soothing ambiance that creates a comfortable environment.

Optimal Heat Dissipation

The aluminum housing of the LED Light with PIR Sensor ensures excellent heat dissipation, maximizing the lifespan of the LED PCB. This ensures long-lasting performance and durability, ensuring your you  enjoy years of reliable lighting.

Human-centric Lighting

With a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) above Ra90, this LED light provides exceptional color accuracy, making it ideal for eye protection and creating a human-centric environment. you  will appreciate the clarity and richness of colors in their illuminated spaces.

Simplified Control

The LED Light with PIR Sensor incorporates a smart button that combines mode switching and color adjustment into one streamlined design. This simplified control enhances the user experience, allowing for a seamless transition between modes and colors.

Unleash Creativity with Free Connection

Designed with the core principles of DIY in mind, the LED Light with PIR Sensor offers a universal connection and control box with a Type C connector. This allows for easy installation and operation, giving your you  the freedom to customize and create their desired lighting arrangements.


Ledia Lighting’s LED Light with PIR Sensor combines convenience, style, and superior lighting performance. With its contactless motion sensor, soft edge-lit illumination, and features like rechargeability and effortless installation, this product is set to enhance any space it illuminates.

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