Epic Level 5e

Epic Level 5e for a character in dnd

The Dungeons & Dragons fans hoping to reach a new epic level in 5e and cast tenth-level D&D spells will be disappointed to learn that there are no plans for epic-level content for the game. The current 5th edition of D&D has levels 1-20, but there is no content for what happens afterward. Characters can gain 20 class levels. These are called Heroic levels. With the Menace of the Underdark expansion, characters can acquire experience points even after taking level 20, up to the level cap. Levels 21 and beyond are called Epic levels

Epic levels versus Epic Destinies

Epic Destinies offer an additional way of progressing your character on epic levels. Epic Destinies are a purchased ability; they are bundled in the Menace of the Underdark expansion or available separately from the DDO Store.

After taking your 20th level for the first time, visit the Fatespinner to select your initial destiny. All your gained experience from level 20 counts towards “destiny points” to add abilities from one or more futures.

Epic Boons

These boons are extraordinarily powerful and represent the gradual transformation of a character into something resembling a demigod.

The procurement of a boon might visibly change a character. For example, the eyes of a character with the Boon of True Sight might glow when they feel strong emotion. A character who has the Boon of High Magic might have faint motes of light glimmering around their head.

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