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Heralding Hygiene: Shuya, Your Go-To Sanitary Napkins Suppliers

In the realm of personal care products, Shuya stands as a reliable and trusted name. With over 37 years of experience in the industry, Shuya has earned its place as one of the leading sanitary napkins suppliers. This article delves into the world of Shuya and why it’s the top choice for sanitary napkin needs.

A Trusted Name in Personal Care

Shuya, established in 1985, has a remarkable history in the personal care industry. The brand is a subsidiary of the well-known Nanning Sugar Industry, and its legacy is built upon decades of dedication to hygiene product manufacturing. Shuya’s commitment to quality and innovation sets it apart in the competitive market of sanitary napkins suppliers.

Unmatched Product Range

Shuya takes pride in its diverse product range. From sanitary pads to panty liners and beyond, Shuya’s offerings meet the highest standards of quality. All products are meticulously crafted and adhere to international certifications, including FDA, CE, ISO9001, SGS, CNAS, and MSDS. Customers can trust that they are receiving top-notch, reliable products.

Innovative Advancements

Shuya’s commitment to innovation is underscored by its continuous efforts in R&D. Over the years, the brand has obtained numerous patents, including the innovative micro-magnetic sanitary napkin. This dedication to research and development has propelled Shuya to attain the title of a national high-tech enterprise.


In conclusion, Shuya is more than just a sanitary napkins supplier; it’s a symbol of trust, quality, and innovation. With an extensive product range, global recognition, and a strong commitment to research and development, Shuya has firmly established itself as a leading name in the industry. When it comes to personal care and hygiene, Shuya is the brand you can rely on.

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