Lenovo 65w AC Power Adapter

Lenovo 65w AC Power Adapter with 6′ Power Cord

Don’t carry the Lenovo 65w AC Power Adapter back and for between your home and office. Find another AC adapter for your laptop. Have one for your office and another for your at-home or mobile.

The 65-watt AC adapter of the Lenovo 65w AC power adapter was specifically made to meet the requirements for power in the Lenovo 65w AC laptop power adapter. It comes with a power of 65 watts, this adapter allows users to work simultaneously on their laptop and charge their battery using electrical power outlets. It includes 6 feet of the power cord.


Dell Genuine parts go through rigorous tests by skilled engineers to ensure the quality and compatibility of your Lenevo system.

Our ongoing qualification process permits the testing and certification of most recent technologies on the Lenovo system.


Lenovo makes use of only OEM high-end components.


Lenovo 65w AC Power Adapter

Our Limited Year Warranty assures us to cover the possibility that our Genuine Lenovo components fail and they cease to function We will fix them.

Genuine Lenovo-branded components mean you don’t have to worry about voiding the warranty of the hardware you’re using.

The parts that aren’t Lenovo 65w AC Power Adapter aren’t included and may void the warranty on your device.

For more details about the warranty, click here.

Our technical support team is available to assist you with any questions regarding the genuine Lenovo-branded part upgrade.

Parts purchased from other sources will not be accepted by Lenovo.

It can power the laptop.

The package includes a rubber strap to make sure that the cable is managed easily and the LED light rings that is connected directly to the DC connector.

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