Manav Singh

He is my brother Manav Singh, a 17-year-old student at the Heritage School in Gurugram. 2 days ago a girl posted an incident about two years ago when she was just 14-15 years old. In the story, he accused her of indecency and rape, claiming she had no evidence to back it up.

Manav Singh

After receiving calls and messages containing human threats harassing the girl and her friends, her story went viral, then tried to defend herself and told her friends that she was innocent but could not handle the constant threats and believed the story would belong to her name.

After the girl heard what the man did, she published another story in which she said that if she couldn’t handle the stress, Manav Singh wasn’t her fault. I can’t believe how cruel the girl is. And he never regretted for a moment what he wrote that caused the death of a young child but ruined his family’s life.

No agency gives you the right to blame anyone. If he thinks he is right but no law gives him the right to be a judge, jury, or hangman, he should complain to the authorities. No law gives him the right to defame an innocent man. Social media raped my brother overnight because the girl wrote that she did something she hadn’t. I appeal to all of you not to plead guilty and not to be a rapist and not to tell him anymore. Defamation on social media is bad for people’s mental health, and being a family is a testament to how devastating a story on Instagram can be.

People need to understand the response to their actions. With great power comes great responsibility, and Manav Singh is very well said that people should realize this on social media. These naked girls took my brother’s life. Neither he nor anyone else can bring her back now. We have lost the youngest member of our family and we still cannot believe that people are no longer with us. He deserves to die and we wish him justice and urge everyone to support and share this message as best they can.

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