Manav Singh

Manav Singh was my brother

It was Manav Singh, my 17-year-old brother, who attended a heritage school, Gurugram. Two days ago, the girl related the story talking about an incident that took place about two years ago when Manav was only 14-15 years old. in this story he was charged with rape and aggravated assault while claiming to have no proof of it.

After her story got out, Manav received phone calls and messages and was harassed by the girl and her friends after she tried to protect herself and continued to tell her friend that he is innocent but cannot pay attention to the constant threaten and believe that his side of the story will not be heard. He is in great anguish and fear and does not want to make a suicidal decision.

Manav Singh
After hearing what Manav had done, the girl told another story saying that if she could not contain this heart it was not her fault. She couldn’t believe how that girl could be so bad. and she did not regret a second time in her writing that she not only killed children but also ruined her family.

No body has the right to sanction anyone. He should go to the police to file a complaint if he thinks he is wrong but there is no law that gives him the right to do so. The judge, the magistrate and the murderer. There is no law that gives you the right to insult an innocent person. Social media made my brother abusive at night because the girl wrote that he did something that he did not do. he has not been proven guilty of him and he is not a victim and I ask everyone not to call him that. Community media allegations can pose a threat to human health and we as a family support the evidence that could have a devastating effect on the Instagram story.

People must be aware of the impact of their actions. He said very well that with great power to play an important role and people on social media should know this. These girls led my brother’s life. he or no one can bring it back now. We lost the youngest member of our family and we still do not believe that Manav is no longer with us. he does not deserve to die and we ask for justice for him and we urge everyone to support and share this message as much as possible.

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