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Unleashing Speed and Versatility with SmartMoreInside Industrial Cameras

In the fast-paced world of industrial operations, speed and versatility are key factors for success. SmartMoreInside offers a range of advanced industrial cameras that push the boundaries of performance. From the ultra-high-speed camera to the USB3.0 color industrial camera and the gigabit network line scan camera, SmartMoreInside delivers unparalleled speed and versatility for various B2B applications.

Ultra-high-speed Camera | SMI-UHS-2016P-01

The ultra-high-speed camera from SmartMoreInside is designed to meet the demands of rapid processes. It features adjustable resolution and frame rates, allowing customization to specific requirements. The factory-calibrated PRNU ensures enhanced accuracy in capturing crucial details.

Key Features:

  1. Flexible recording and trigger methods enable seamless integration into diverse workflows, ensuring compatibility with different operational needs.
  2. Memory division of up to 64 segments enhances data management efficiency, facilitating quick access to relevant information.
  3. With 10GigE connectivity, this camera allows rapid data transfer, minimizing delays and maximizing productivity.

USB3.0 Color Industrial Camera | SMI-CU3-4080P-01

The USB3.0 color industrial camera offers high resolution and exceptional performance at an affordable price point. Its hardware cache feature enables smooth operation in multi-camera setups, reducing system costs while maintaining optimal functionality.

Key Features:

  1. This camera seamlessly integrates into embedded devices, providing ease of use and flexibility in various industrial environments.
  2. Compatibility with PC Linux, ARM Linux, and popular vision software ensures hassle-free integration with existing systems.
  3. The efficient multi-camera connection via a single USB3.0 hub simplifies setup and reduces cable clutter, optimizing workflow efficiency.

Gigabit Network Color Line Scan Camera | SMI-CGiL-4K-04

  1. Line Scan Camera Description:

The gigabit network color line scan camera is specifically designed for large-format inspection and high-speed pipeline applications. Its advanced capabilities enhance production efficiency and accuracy.

Key Features:

  1. Multiple trigger modes enable precise synchronization with the inspection process, ensuring reliable and accurate results.
  2. The automatic stitching of pixel ROI in the horizontal direction simplifies imaging, eliminating inconsistencies and enhancing overall efficiency.


SmartMoreInside industrial cameras offer unrivaled speed and versatility for a wide range of B2B applications. The ultra-high-speed camera delivers adjustable settings and precise calibration, while the USB3.0 color industrial camera provides cost-effective multi-camera integration. Additionally, the gigabit network color line scan camera ensures high-speed inspection with advanced trigger modes. Choose SmartMoreInside for industrial cameras that unleash speed, versatility, and unmatched performance in your B2B operations. Stay ahead of the competition with SmartMoreInside’s cutting-edge solutions.

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