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Does Sword of Zariel 5e longswor30d artifact weapon needs attunement?

Does Sword of Zariel 5e longsword artifact weapon needs attunement?

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Sword of Zariel 5e

The Sword of Zariel 5e weapon was long, powerful, magical, and sentient longsword. The weapon was a longs word made of celestial metal. As a result, it always produced a sour sound and a bright glow. It does not require attunement.


The sword can only be used by a person who has been chosen as good enough for the sword. When the desired wielder covers the blade, a significant physical change occurs. The wielder became an angel, endowed with great beauty and a heart full of sound. Wielder alignment has been changed to an official fine. These changes cannot be reversed by interference from a heavenly being or by magic.

A large angelic wing grew from the back of the wield. Allow the wielder to fly and navigate. The wielder’s eyes have also been changed, illuminated by a faint silver glow. This gave the wielder a growing perspective, allowing one to see in the dark and natural world and see deception, polymorphed creatures, shape changers, and invisible creatures or objects. The wielder was also able to watch Ethereal flight.

Along with the physical changes, the sword provided more power. The wielder has acquired a thorough knowledge of the heavenly language, can increase strength and intelligence, and Resistance from necrotic and glorious damage.

The sword of Zariel in 5e dnd illuminated a distance of 10 ft (3 m) with a bright, sacred light. This light became a disease caused by demon creatures, who received light in pain. The wielder could constrain the brightness, blur, or increase its brightness to cover a 15 ft (4.6 m) wide area. The sword has brought dreadful harm to all the wicked creatures, who became blind when struck, in addition to the usual physical injuries.

The sword had emotions, being able to communicate with the wielder by transmitting emotions. He hears sounds and speech and sees a standard spectrum up to 30 ft (9.1 m).


The sword once belonged to the great emperor Zariel when he was the angel of Celestia before he descended from hell nine times. Her long name is that of an angel Zariel before her fall from grace. It is made of celestial steel, emitting a small amount of light and hum. The weapon determines who can use it and who can. He wishes for a wielder who instills courage and bravery.


The sword allows you to grasp it quickly, without interrupting. When you practice the sword, you are transformed into your heavenly, beautiful, blessed version of foreign beauty and heavenly touch in your heart. No amount of magic or divine intervention can change this. Your alignment is legal, and you get the following features:

Angelic Language:

 You can speak, read, and write in a celestial language.

Celestial Resistance It is resistant to necrotic and radiant damage.

The Presence of God Your Charisma rate is 20 unless you are already 20 years old or older.

Wings With Wings He shoots beautiful feathers with wings that give you a speed of 300 feet [90 m] and the ability to fly. If you already have separate branches, these new wings will replace the old ones.

True sight

 Your eyes will be like shining silver pools. You can see in the ordinary and magical darkness, see invisible creatures and objects, automatically detect visible deceptions and succeed in saving the cast for them, see the actual type of changer or magically transformed animal, and see on Ethereal Plane, all within 60 meters.

New personality You discover unique personality traits, which are determined by rolling once in each subsequent table. These qualities transcend any personality traits that conflict, right, wrong, or wrong.

Personality Trait
I treat all beings, even enemies, with respect.
I won’t tell a lie.
I enjoy sharing my philosophical worldview and experiences with others.
I cut right to the chase in every conversation.
I often quote (or misquote) religious texts.
I anger quickly when I witness cruelty or injustice.
My praise and trust are earned and never given freely.
I like everything clean and organized.
Charity. I always help those in need. (Good)
Faith. I choose to follow the tenets of a particular lawful good deity to the letter. (Lawful
Responsibility. It is the duty of the strong to protect the weak. (Lawful)
Respect. All people deserve to be treated with dignity. (Good)
Honor. The way I conduct myself determines my reward in the afterlife. (Lawful)
Redemption. All creatures are capable of change for the better. (Good)
I have a favorite religious hymn that I constantly hum.
I must keep a written record of my beliefs and the sins that I witness. When finished, this book will be my gift to the multiverse.
I have cherished memories of Idyllglen, though I’ve only seen this bucolic town in dreams.
I would die for those who fight beside me, regardless of their faults.
I seek to honor the angel Zariel by destroying fiends and other evildoers wherever I find them.
The Sword of Zariel has chosen me. I shall not fail to wield it justly.
I am too quick to judge others.
I offer forgiveness too readily.
I will sacrifice innocent lives for the greater good.
Flaw? What flaw? I am flawless. Utter perfection!
I allow nothing to stand in the way of my crusade to eradicate evil from the multiverse.
I ignore those who do not support my plans, for my calling is higher than all others.

Divine Light.

The sword glows at a distance of 5 feet [5 m] and dim light of an additional 5 feet. The Fiends found the light of the sword disturbing and painful, though they did not notice it, and had a problem with the rolls being attacked inside the light bulletproof area.

As an additional action, you can intensify the sword’s light, place it in bright light at a distance of 15 meters and dim light by a further 15 meters, or reduce its brightness with its medium power.

Random properties.

The sword has two advantages.

Radiance Light.

The sword operates with a maximum of 9 (2d8) damage to any hitting creature or 16 light injuries (3d10) when holding a weapon in both hands. The evil beast that takes this glorious damage must succeed in DC 17 to save the Constitution or be blind until the end of his next term.


The Sword of Zariel is a beautiful, legitimate official with 10th Intelligence, 20th Wisdom, and 18th Charisma. It has a normal hearing and vision of up to 30 feet.

The sword communicates by transmitting emotions to the creature in charge or using it.

True Witness.

While holding a sword, you make a profit on all the Wisdom (Insight) checks.

Destroying the Sword.

Zariel can destroy a sword by simply holding it. He could never bring himself to perform that when he was an angel, but as a great king, he could not meet with eliminating the bulk of the weapon. The sword is also destroyed when used to destroy the Companion unless an angel uses the gun to measure 15 or more challenges or a well-aligned instructor or paladin at least level 10.

If Zariel were killed for good (that is, if he dies in Nine Houses), the sword would no longer be harder to destroy than a long name.

It varies.

Sword of Zariel 5e weapon can be used both with one or two hands. The amount of damage to the brackets also appears on the property – damage when the weapon is used with both hands to carry out melee attacks.

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