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Enhancing Efficiency and Customization with Offset and Foldback Small Gear Motors by INEED Motors

INEED Motors offers a diverse range of small gear motors designed to optimize performance in limited spaces. When space is a constraint, INEED Motors provides the option of offset and foldback gearboxes, allowing you to choose the ideal solution for your design. With the ability to match encoders and add connectors, INEED Motors ensures seamless integration and customization possibilities for your small gear motor.

Offset and Foldback Gearboxes for Space Optimization

INEED Motors understands that space limitations can pose challenges in various applications. To address this, we offer offset and foldback gearboxes for small gear motors. These designs provide alternative solutions for compact spaces, allowing for efficient power transmission while minimizing footprint. Whether you need a non-concentric offset gearbox shaft or a fold-back gearbox, we have the options to suit your specific design requirements.

Matching Encoders for Precision Control

INEED Motors offers the flexibility of combining different encoders with our DC gear motors. Encoders are ideal for applications requiring commutation, position control, speed regulation, or counting. By utilizing encoders, each shaft position within a revolution is assigned a unique angular value. This precision control enhances the performance and accuracy of your small gear motor, ensuring optimal functionality in your application.

Versatile Connector Options for Seamless Integration

INEED Motors provides a variety of connector options to facilitate easy integration of your small gear motor with other components. Whether you prefer pin-type connectors, lead wires, or specific connectors such as Molex, ACES, ELCO, or Hirose, we have the solutions to meet your connectivity needs. These connectors ensure a secure and reliable connection, simplifying the installation and operation of your small gear motor.


INEED Motors empowers you to optimize efficiency and customization with offset and foldback small gear motors. With space optimization options, such as offset and foldback gearboxes, you can overcome limitations in compact designs. The ability to match encoders ensures precise control and performance, while versatile connector options streamline integration with other components. Trust INEED Motors for your small gear motor needs and experience the benefits of efficiency, customization, and seamless integration in various applications.

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