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Sauce Manufacturer in India

India is home to a thriving food industry, and one of the key players in this sector is JOLION Foods, a leading sauce manufacturer. With their expertise in producing high-quality sauces, they have become a trusted supplier for both domestic and international markets.

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JOLION Foods: A Reliable Sauce Manufacturer

JOLION Foods has established itself as a prominent supplier of oriental sauce, cooking oil, and noodles. Located in Guangdong Province, China, the company specializes in exporting Chinese foodstuffs to various establishments worldwide. Their extensive range of products caters to supermarkets, variety stores, fast food chains, restaurants (both Western and Chinese), and wholesale markets.

With years of experience under their belt, JOLION Foods prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction. They offer an array of options to meet diverse requirements while ensuring that every product meets stringent standards. Additionally, they provide free samples for customers to try before making bulk purchases.

A Wide Range of Products

JOLION Foods offers an impressive selection of sauces that are essential ingredients in many cuisines. Their main products include soy sauce, oyster sauce,and sweet chili sauce among others. These sauces are carefully crafted using traditional recipes combined with modern techniques to deliver authentic flavors.

Their manufacturing process adheres to strict quality control measures certified by HALAL,BRC,HACCP,SFS,FDA ensuring that each bottle meets the highest standards before reaching consumers’ tables.

OEM/ODM Services

In addition to their own brand “Happy Mum” and “JOLION,” JOLION Foods also provides OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services. This means they can customize sauces according to specific requirements or even develop new products from scratch. With their expertise and flexibility, they can cater to the unique needs of different businesses.


JOLION Foods stands out as a reliable sauce manufacturer in India, offering a wide range of high-quality sauces that meet international standards. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, attention to detail, and ability to provide customized solutions make them an ideal partner for businesses in the food industry. Whether it’s soy sauce for a local restaurant or oyster sauce for an international supermarket chain, JOLION Foods has the expertise and resources to deliver exceptional products.

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