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Seekink’s Electronic Whiteboard: Makes Office Productivity Stand Out

Seekink, as a Chinese one-stop EPD service provider, stands out with its high customization. It’s trusted by leading companies worldwide. With a 260,000 square meter own factory and fully automated production lines, Seekink allows clients to customize their products to meet specific needs and enables fast delivery to all markets. It produces an electronic whiteboard that makes office productivity stand out.

The H420 smart office digital whiteboard features a large 42″ display, providing ample space for brainstorming, presentations, and collaboration. With its true paper-like pen-and-pencil interaction, it can improve office productivity by allowing teams to capture insights in real time. Users can take notes on it at any time and sync them to digital devices for further editing and sharing.

Electronic Devices that Balance Entertainment and Work

The electronic whiteboard is not only a powerful tool for productivity but also a source of entertainment. With a large display, the whiteboard provides an immersive experience for users, making it an excellent tool for brainstorming sessions and collaborative work. The anti-blue light design ensures that the whiteboard is gentle on the eyes, allowing users to work for extended periods without discomfort.

Equipped with high-quality speakers and supporting various audio and image formats, the whiteboard transforms into an entertainment hub. Users can enjoy their favorite music and comic books on the whiteboard, making it the perfect companion for leisure time. The whiteboard also features a built-in large battery, providing users with an energy-efficient solution for non-stop use.

Seekink’s electronic whiteboard is made for business solutions, making it an essential tool for any office or meeting. The whiteboard is designed to enhance communication and streamline work processes. With its intuitive handwriting experience and smooth running, the whiteboard ensures that users can express their ideas clearly and efficiently.


Overall, Seekink’s electronic whiteboard is a must-have tool for any office or business setting. With its large display, paper-like interaction, high performance, and entertainment features, it is the perfect blend of functionality and user-friendly experience. Whether you are looking to improve productivity or simply add a touch of fun to your workday, the electronic whiteboard has you covered.

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